Building Products Better Together

We help tech startups realize their product visions through strategy and development support.

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What We Do

You know the what and why you're building. We can help with the how.

We know it takes a lot of different talents to build something new, and at Time For Ventures, we provide the experienced product management and technical support you need to get from paper prototype to launched product.

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Software Development

Identifying and defining MVP requirements and managing the execution of feature development.

Product Strategy

Conducting market research and user persona development to inform product roadmap planning.

Process Advising

Setting up systems to monitor metrics and feedback to validate assumptions.

Tech Management

Advising and overseeing tech stack decisions, the product to engineering handoff, and code reviews.

Our Process

With lean development, we take an experiment-based approach to conserve time and money while making faster progress.

1. Learn

Understand your users and identify the root problem you're aiming to solve.

2. Build

Select the right next feature to develop and gain insight with each iteration.

3. Grow

Implement smart systems that scale as you find product-market fit.

About Us

Don't get stuck on the CTO search.

Taking your time to find the perfect team shouldn't prevent you from moving forward.

After working as a software engineer for both large companies like Google and Microsoft as well as small, early-stage startups, I saw first-hand that even great ideas, without the right team and strategy, can struggle to take off.

As I took on more leadership roles, I would often meet other founders struggling to find experienced technical leaders to join their teams— a common roadblock for both investors and development momentum. I decided to start Time For Ventures as a way for startups to work with technical leaders to streamline and execute plans without pressure to fill high-level roles too soon.

Molly Nacey, Founder

We have experience across many industries

“Molly has worked with us to build and launch our newest product over the last year. With her extensive knowledge of product management, user experience, and roadmap development — she’s an integral part of our team.

Molly brings a unique perspective to the table — balancing her technical expertise and understanding of business goals — that helps drive impactful strategies. Her creativity, strategic focus, and ability to dive directly into solving challenges make her an asset to teams at all stages of the development process. It’s a pleasure to work alongside her, and our team would highly recommend the Time For Ventures team to anyone looking to grow and scale their company and deliver meaningful products to their consumers. ”

Isabella Jaye

Head of Growth, SpeakEasy Political

“Working with Molly has been a pleasure. Her wide range of expertise from development to product management to strategy means she's helped us find clarity and efficiency on several fronts. Additionally, her strong experience in across startups of several sizes meant she provided perspective and options that we hadn't previously considered. I would recommend Molly to anyone looking for great ideas and strong execution.”

Jun Yung

Co-Founder, CIRKEL

“There are great strategic business minds and there are great technical engineering minds. Most physical laws I've come across dictate that they are not supposed to exist in the same mind. Molly defies this law and her ability to consume vast complexity across multiple dimensions is where her superpower boosted The Class in its earliest stages of development as a startup.”

Chris Sanborn

Co-CEO, The Class

“Molly has an innate ability to reduce the signal to noise ratio and laser focus on creating immediate impact. I've seen her adeptly and swiftly navigate the very different modes of thinking between Product and Engineering disciplines, pairing deep product sense with sharp tactical and technical skills. This expertise is layered with a command of leadership and process-building to create the operational structures necessary for both people and products to grow and thrive. And personally, having the opportunity work with Molly at Civic Eagle and learn from her expertise and guidance was an integral part of my career growth. She has a unique combination of skills that would benefit many different types of teams and products!”

Ruby Choonoo

Product Lead, Civic Eagle